Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Security Lock Design of Benro Ball Heads

Currently some buyers ask us about the new mechanism of the Benro B series ball heads... "Hey, I can't release the QR plate from the ball head, the knob stopped loosening at halfway with only click sounds! Is it malfunctioning? Or is it a trick to make it open?"

It's surely not malfunctioning. It's actually the new Security Lock Design of the Benro B series ball heads, to prevent accidental dropping of the mounted equipment.

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The security system works by adding a "safety position" in the knob of the quick release (QR) clamp. When the safety position is reached, the QR clamp will stop loosening even you keep rotating the knob. You need to slightly pull out the knob and then continue the rotation, so as to totally loosen the QR plate.

The following illustrations clearly describe the mechanism:

Operation Demo from Benro, translated by us.
Official Operation Manual
The modification applies to the whole series of the Benro B series ball heads, ranging from B00 to B4.

And for your reference, the B series ball heads are all in Arca-Swiss Quick Release Standard, that accepts all QR plates in that style, such as RRS, Benro, PhotoClam and etc. The following is the official spec. of B ball heads:

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  1. The new design is quite annoying, it just feels really fiddly IMO.
    I much prefer the original design.

    1. Hello, agree with you. Sometimes, simple is the best.

      Anyway, I heard that the security design was actually originated by the wholesaler of US, but not original thought of Benro headquarter.

  2. I disagree, the new mechanism maybe bit clumsy, but I rather take my time releasing the plate and prevent any damage to my equipment. :)