Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Product - Benro Video Tripod with Leveling Column

In May 2012, Benro released a new video tripod A1573FS2 for small DV.

The designing of the video tripod is totally new: on top of the basic front-rear tilting and 360˚ panning abilities, the tripod has a LEVELING CENTER COLUMN which allows user to level the tripod head effortlessly, even in uneven terrains, like the following photo (you could see that the tripod and center column are heavily inclined, but the video head and the DV are still in level position):

Benro 2012 New Prodcuts Preview

Benro recently released their 2012 product catalog (in Chinese), we can find many new products, such as macro heads, newly designed ball heads and leveling platforms. Although they are not yet manufactured at the moment, let's get a preview of the items first.