Monday, August 20, 2012

New Product - Benro V series Elliptical Ball Head

V series is the second top line photo ball head from Benro (next to G series), with elliptical ball and drag friction fine tunning ability.

V series is actually aimming to replace the older J series ball heads. Comparing to J series, the most advanced modification of the V series is the Fine Tunning Disc on the Main Drag Knob (for setting lowest drag friction) as shown in the following photo. It's larger, more handy and comfortable than that of J series.


Other main features of the V series ball heads:

  • Elliptical ball design, for more effective surface contact, and hence offering much stronger locking power.
  • ArcaSwiss QR standard, with security lock design.
  • Separated knobs for panoramic controlling and main drag friction controlling.

There are 3 models in the series, say V0, V1 and V2, with maximum loading powers of 12kg, 20kg and 30kg respectively. The following is the more detailed official spec:


Until now, Benro's product lines of photo ball heads are very comprehensive (actually a bit excessive, they will probably discontinue some unpopular models in the near future...). For readers' reference, we had summarized the gradings between different series of Benro ball heads here:

G > V > J > B > N > BH

The V series ball heads are now available in our eBay store, welcome to visit us anytime. :-)

Welcome to Our Store

Besides, as most the Benro tripod kits are coming with B ball heads recently, if you are interested in buying the kits but replacing with the better V ball heads, please feel free to contact us, we can supply the upgraded kits.

We had shared some product shots of the V series here (we took V2 as example), please enjoy.



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