Thursday, August 23, 2012

Demonstration - Benro Versatile Tripod C2970T & V2 Ball Head

In this article, we will share a simple review for the Versatile series Tripod of Benro, and we will use the new Benro V2 ball head on the tripod, to demonstrate the great flexible feature of the tripod.

The Versatile series Tripod is the most flexible tripod from Benro, it allows photographers to adjust their shooting angles easily, even the angles are very strange which cannot be acheived by normal tripods. It's one of the most useful tripods from Benro. That's why it's called Versatile series.

When the center column is in normal (vertical) position, the tripod works as a normal tripod.

Benro V2 Ball Head, newly released in mid 2012.

The V series Ball Head is the second top grade ball head from Benro (released in 2012), its main features are:

  • Large fine running disc (for setting lowest friction) for more handy and comfortable operations.
  • Elliptical ball design, for more effective surface contact, and hence offering much stronger locking power.
  • ArcaSwiss QR standard, with security lock design.
  • Individual panoramic control.

Drag Knob and Fine Tunning Disc of V series Ball Head.

If you want to know more about the Benro V series ball head, please read this article as well: New Product - Benro V series Elliptical Ball Head.

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For the Versatile Tripods, there are totally 16 models, with different materials, thicknesses, number of leg sections and locking mechanisms, even though the model availabilities may vary between different districts. (For instance, the flip lock version is seldom available in Asian countries.)

  • Carbon Fiber / Twist Lock: C1970T, C1980T, C2970T, C2980T
  • Carbon Fiber / Flip Lock: C1970F, C1980F, C2970F, C2980F
  • Aluminium / Twist Lock: A1970T, A1980T, A2970T, A2980T
  • Aluminium / Flip Lock: A1970F, A1980F, A2970F, A2980F

For V series Ball Heads, there are totally 3 models: V0, V1, V2 in accending order of size and maximum locking power.

Main Features

The "soul" of the Versatile tripod is the hinge (the top piece that connecting the 3 legs), because it allows the center column to be set in different angles other than the traditional vertical way.

When the center column is in normal (vertical) position, the tripod works as a normal tripod.

Center column is detached from the tripod body.

The hinge is the soul of the tripod.

Top view of the hinge.

The center column groove can be flipped in different angles.

The center column groove can be flipped in different angles.

Combining its angle selecting function (3 angles available in each leg), allowing photographers to set their cameras in many strange angles (which cannot be achieved by normal tripods) like the following arrangements:

Angle Selector (3 angles available).

Center column is horizontally placed.

Center column in strange angle

Legs in medium position

Legs in lowest position

Working together with V2 Ball Head

In this part, we had set the tripod to many different angles, to see how flexible the tripod is.

Detailed structure of Twist Lock


Both rubber feet and steel spiked feet are supplied.

Tripod Bag is supplied.

Sufficient space for both tripod and ball head.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find the article useful. :-)
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