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Perfect Match - Benro C3780T Tripod & G3 Ball Head

The Benro Combination Series Tripod and G Series Ball Head are the toppest grade photo gears among the brand, with the highest stabilities and loading capacities. In size-wise, they are also perfect fit, it seems that they are mutually born for each other. They are especially suitable for heavy equipments, such as tele-lenses, medium and large format cameras.

In this article, we will spend larger proportion to introduce the Combination Series Tripod (we use C3780T for the demonstration), and how it works together with the G3 ball head. If you want more detailed introduction of the G3 ball head, please read our another article: New Product - Benro Low C.G. Ball Head G3.

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Working Together: C3780T Tripod and G3 Ball Head

First of all, we would like to demonstrate how the ball head and tripod work together.

The sizes of G3 ball head and C3780T tripod are perfect fit.

Top View

Side View

Camera is being mounted on the gears.

Portrait (vertical) orientation.

The core feature of the Combination Series Tripod is its ability to work without center column, so it can achieve extremely low minium height, as shown in the above photo.


Features & Sepc. of G Series Ball Head

The main features of G Ball Heads are:

  • Very high maximum loading capacity. (40kg for G3)
  • Low gravity and extra large ball designs, which provide great stability.
  • Strengthened locking ability.
  • Double dropping slots design, for more flexible angle adjustment.
  • ArcaSwiss style QR system, and with double security lock.
  • For more details, please read our another article: New Product - Benro Low C.G. Ball Head G3.


Spec. of the Combination Series Tripods

There are 4 models in the Combination Series, all are made of Carbon Firber and with Twist Lock Mechanism, with different loading capacities and numer of leg sections:

  • C3770T (named as C-397 M8 previously)
  • C3780T (named as C-398 M8 previously)
  • C4770T (named as C-497 M8 previously)
  • C4780T (named as C-498 M8 previously)

C3780T for demonstration


Why called "Combination"?

It's because you can choose 2 kinds of platforms for the tripod:

  • The simple flat platform (as shown in all tripod photos here), which allows the tripod working without any center column, offers great stability and allows extremely low working height.
  • The geared center column, which provides extra tripod height and precise height adjustments. (Not demonstrated in this review.)

Simple Flat Platform, which allows the tripod working without any center column.

You can hang your stuffs onto the hook to further strengthen the stability for the tripod.

Top view of Flat Platform.

Flat Platform is detached from the tripod.

Flat Platform is detached from the tripod.

Close up of the tripod hinge after removing the Flat Platform.

Flat Platform, with UNC 3/8" mounting screw and a hook underneath.

A hook underneath the Flat Platform for hanging stuffs (further increasing tripod stability).

Flat Platform and G3 Ball Head are perfect match in size.


Ability of Leg Angle Adjustment

The angle adjuster offers 3 levels of leg angle selections, simply by pulling out the adjuster tap.

Tripod is in medium angle.

Tripod is in lowest angle, it's actually extremely low, thanks to the "no center column design".


Details of Twist Lock Mechanism



Hexagonal Wrench and Steel Spikes Feet are included in the original package.

Interchange Feet for using in different terrains.

Hex. wrench for adjusting tightness of tripod legs.

Original Tripod Bag is included in the original package. Made of strengthened nylon, basic resistance to water.

Sufficient space for both tripod and ball head.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find the article useful. :-)
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