Friday, September 13, 2013

Benro's Strongest Traveler Tripods: Travel Angel + V Ball Heads!

Benro recently released their latest series of Travel Angel tripods, the main modification is the BALL HEAD: it's upgraded from the mid-level B series heads to the professional-level elliptical V series heads, which greatly enhance the locking power and friction controlling of the tripod kits. (For more detailed introduction of V ball heads, please refer to our previous article.)

Besides ball head, other changes include:
  • More flexible tube angle adjustment: from 2 levels to 3 levels, which provides better low-angle shooting performance.
  • More advanced locking mechanism of tube locks.
  • Bigger leg pads, which enlarge the touching area of tripod legs, hence higher tripod stability.
For other main features in the ancestor version, such as monopod conversion, walking stick conversion and invertable center column, the new tripods are all inherited.

The tripods are available in both Carbon Fiber (prefix "C") and Aluminium (prefix "A"):
  • Carbon Fiber: C1682TV1, C1692TV0, C2682TV2, C2692TV1, C2692TV2
  • Aluminium: A1682TV1, A1692TV0, A2682TV2, A2692TV1, A2692TV2
The first 6 digits specify the tripod body, and the last 2 digits stand for ball head. e.g C2682TV2, means C2682T carbon fiber tripod body, with V2 ball head.