Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ask your seller to separate the QR clamp from the Ball Head!

In the current batches (2011 and on) of all Benro B & J series ball heads, the screw studs are glued very tightly by the manufacturer, and it is nearly impossible to loosen it by users with the simple hex key. So if you are planning to separate the QR clamp like the one in the photos, please ask your supplier to loosen it for you before purchasing.

Quick Release Clamp is separated from the ball head.
Close up - the tip of ball head after the QR clamp was separated.
Please don't do it yourself, otherwise you will get your hex key bent, or even make scratches on the ball head!

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Where to Buy?

Why do we need a separable QR clamp?

Making the clamp separable can make the ball head more functional and versatile, as it can accept other kinds of clamping platforms, such as quick lever style QR clamps or panoramic clamps. If the clamp can't be separated, it means the functionality of the ball head cannot be maximized!

Benro PC0 panorama clamp
Benro QRC-L quick lever clamp
Here we use Benro B2 ball head and PC0 panorama clamp as demonstration, see how the ball head be modified into a professional panoramic device.

Step 1: Prepare a ball head (with removed QR clamp) and panorama clamp
Step 2: Connect the panorama clamp to the ball head
(with the 6mm diameter screw stud)
Close up - PC0 is connected to B2
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