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Benro 2nd Generation Traveler Tripods

The Benro 2nd generation tripod is the first tripod series with the ability of MONOPOD CONVERSION. It's released in late 2010, and is one of the best selling models of Benro tripods in the past two years, thanks its portable size and its monopod conversion ability.

Tripod & Monopod 2 in 1
Reverse Folding design makes it more portable

Where to Buy?

The following chart shows the naming structure of the tripod series, and we could know its basic features from the model numbers:

Material: Carbon Fiber / Aluminium
Max. Leg Thickness: #0 / #1 / #2 thickness
Tripod Design: "6" = Reverse Folding Traveler Tripod
Leg Sections: "8" = 4 Sections / "9" = 5 Sections
Extra Function: "1" = Monopod conversion with "head + leg" mechanism
Lock Type: Twist Lock
Bundled Head: B00 / B0 / B1

Please read the post "Naming System of Benro Tripods" for more details of the Benro tripod models.
To be simple, there are 12 models for selection in total, with different materials / thickness / sections:

Carbon Fiber
  • C0681TB00
  • C0691TB00
  • C1681TB0
  • C1691TB0
  • C2681TB1
  • C2691TB1
  • A0681TB00
  • A0691TB00
  • A1681TB0
  • A1691TB0
  • A2681TB1
  • A2691TB1

Product Shots

We've shared some product shots of the tripod here, we use C1691TB0 as example.

Reverse Folding design - more portable
Separable Head and Foamed Leg - components for monopod conversion.
Ball Head is removed from the tripod body
Converted to Monopod
Twist Lock
Allen Key and Steel Spiked Feet
Interchangable Feet:
Rubber feet for flat surface
Steel Spiked feet for rocky, muddy, sandy surfaces
Steel Spiked feet for rocky, muddy, sandy surfaces
Benro B series ball head is bundled.
ArcaSwiss Style QR  Clamp, with bubble level.
Original Tripod Bag
The second generation Travel Angel tripod is kind of breakthrough of Benro, as it introduced the monopod conversion function into the reverse folding traveler tripod, making the tripod both portable and versatile. That's why it's one of the best selling models of the Benro family.

Anyway, as it's been in the market for 2 years already, the successor model - 3rd generation Travel Angel tripod was released, with more advanced monopod conversion function. Please read our article "Benro 3rd Generation Traveler Tripods" for the detail.

Besides, comparison between the 3 generations of Travel Angel Tripods is planned, please follow us if you are interested in it.

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